Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sunshine In The Garden

We've been making an effort to spend time in the garden this last week soaking up as much of the sunshine as we've been at home to catch. 

I actually got a photo of all 4, all looking at the camera and no one pulling a silly face... serious mum win!

She might love being outside but she really does hate the light in her eyes... so so cute though. 

Its the only thing so far she plays with but doesn't try to eat... this might bode well for sandy beaches.

The kids asked for bird feeders as part of our spring season crafts, so having decorated them last week, we finally got round to filling and hanging them.

They have grand plans for bird watching from the conservatory and drawing but I'm not sure how quickly the birds will notice their 'cafes'. We do have a very large bird population but thats mainly due to the abundance of food already available for them. 

Thea and I harvested the dandelion heads today and began drying them in preparation to make some infused oil, which we will then use to make a cream for her eczema. 

As botany is our main science project in our curriculum, they have finally gotten their chance to get there hands on some real potion making and the lists they are coming up with of things to try is daunting. Having said that, its exactly the kind of education I love... I personally get in enjoy it, it's hands on and memorable and has real world application in that they are growing up with not only the science but the tangible means to care for themselves naturally. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Spring Seed Science

While a selection of beautiful bulbs were on my 'to do list' we somehow never got round to them this year, so in an attempt to make the most of our garden we are attempting edible flowers for this summer's salads. 

It was Gabe's idea once he saw a foodie photo of flowers as a garnish. Some advice was sort from one of my very good herbalist and potion maker friends. A kit plus some seed packets later and we were in business.

I loved that they turned it into a science opportunity once they saw the very different seed pods and wanted to investigate further with the microscope. 

It lead back to a much older conversation of how seeds are dispersed naturally, which was reassuring as they remembered so much of it and were able to explain everything to Gabe. 

Lets hope that things go well on the sill! 

Thea even went and cleared all the weeds from the pots we used last year so fingers are crossed. 

Friday, 13 April 2018

The History of Communications

Last weekend the big two had their monthly Young Archaeologist Club day over at Southampton University. It is such a brilliant club, covering so many expects of history rather than the obvious highlight events. It's always a hands on day full of talks, activities, games with children ranging in age from 9 to 14. 

This session covered the history of communications, from cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphics, to morse code. As usual they came out excited and full of new information. 

And just because I can't resist... here is what I wake up to...

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Another Day Another Stream

Have a said how much I love where we live. There are many things not to like about England, and I have always and probably will always have a serious case of wanderlust, but I am so grateful that I was born here and am raising my children here. There is magic in our forests and life in our cities, we have access to it all. 

We've managed to squeeze a lot into this half term and seen most of our dearest but rarely seen school and distance friends. On another meet up last week with two other families, we explored another new to us section of the forest and found this huge and deep section of a stream. One for swimming rather than wading, but with an awesome and terrifying (for watching mums) rope swing. 

It's always a bit of a concern when you look up into the branches and see the remnants of so many other swings...

After a long time getting up his courage and some help getting on to the much higher than him swing, Gabe finally had a go and managed not to loose his shoes (he saved that for later). He was so proud of himself. 

On completely other note, I haven't been finding enough time by far for my mat, but when this is the reason its hard to be cross...

This is what happens to a baby who has already completed her yoga teacher training! 

Monday, 9 April 2018

We Found A New Special Stream

With the brief return of the sun this week, we decided to get back to doing our weekly Nature Study walk. When we first moved to the New Forest I found a map of all the parking areas within the forest bounds, and had very lofty aspirations of making it to each one. Naturally we never quite managed that but this year we're going to try and find some new to us special places. 

 After we all went a bit selfie silly and I put all the cameras back in my rucksack...

and few twists and turns later...

and we found a new stream. Perfect for pooh sticks, and in the summer for wading in. 

It was so quiet and peaceful, and for a change warm, that we sat a while with snacks, drinks and the poetry for this week... a little moment of heaven amidst the bustle. 

Little Miss could of course not be held and as much as she loves being outside, we think she likes the forest floor even more. 

As of course do my gorgeous boys. 

We've spent a lot of time out this week, rushing around, but thankfully also a lot of time in the forest. And while a few days at home is definitely needed, spending time in the trees gives you something you can't get anywhere else.