Thursday, 31 August 2017

Those First Precious Hours

Here are some more of the pictures Jessica took during Ayla's first magical first hours. Already she looks so different to me, she seems so puffy in these images because of the crazy speed in which she arrived bruising her face and even giving her bloodshot eyes. So similar to Gabe's entry to the world... when these two make a decision theres not a lot that can stand in their way! 

Sunday, 27 August 2017


The arrival of Miss Ayla Jean Blackbird Conning!!!

After a very fast 2 and a half hour labour our gorgeous little girl decided she had been waiting to be a Virgo and could finally make an appearance on Wednesday 23rd August at 11.52am, weighing in at a huge (for me) 9lbs 12.

The midwives made it this time making Tom's impossible task of looking after the trio plus somehow never leaving my side possible. We labour outside in the garden and made it to the pool in time for the serious work. The three came in just in time to watch her take her first breath as her skin touch air, and Orion got to use his cord tie and cut the cord too just like he wanted. 

Thea got to have first skin to skin just like she wanted and the amazing Jessica arrived to take some photographs and indulge in the oxytocin bath that is a baby only minutes earthside.

We are complete.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Summer Fun

While we've been busily finishing things off, getting things ready and generally preparing for baby, life has slowed down a lot for our little people which although at times has been hard, has also been a nice break. 

We wouldn't be us though if there hadn't been some special adventures... 

We went to a Treehouse Theatre performance of King Arthur which of course they had to join in as much as possible with. Its always surprising to me how much Thea genuinely loves being on any form of stage, and it was lovely to have Gabe feel confident enough to join in as a roundtable knight. 

Bored kids on a sunny day while I obsessed over cleaning kitchen cupboards resulted in using up every bottle of vinegar, tub of baking soda and tube of food colouring we had... scarily about 4 of each because its one of those experiments I always seem to stock up for and then forget about. 

Walks in the forest as a family of five. I'm hoping we'll get a lot of this in for autumn, its one of the easiest activities to do as a family with a tiny person and I think we'll all appreciate the air and space before winter sets in. 

These two...

And of course our annual visit to the New Forest Fairy Festival. I really didn't think we'd make it this year and didn't buy tickets in advance. At half an hour from home the idea of going into labour and then having to drive us all home wasn't a good one. However, I woke up feeling good and it was one of our good friends hen gathering so we didn't want to miss just a few hours. 

Circus skills are still their favourite and they've all made requests for this tight rope.

The gorgeous Fae Queen Samantha. 

We also got to spend some time learning about Tibetan monks, listening to them chant and dance some traditional dances in full costume. I'm thinking about arranging a workshop for next spring with them. 

So, house tidy, lists completed and due date only a couple of days away. I'll be back when I have some very special pictures.