Friday, 8 December 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

Our annual trip to the garden centre to buy our tree...

watching the elaborate Christmas train decorations...

and into the forest of trees.

Trying to take pictures of 4 children, never ever seems to work!

a quick hello to the reindeer...

and then the drama of getting it attached to the car!

Once I've added the lights, the kids go to town with the hanging decorations.

and after a few finishing touches, it's Tom's turn to add the fairy on the top.

We're all about the cheesy photos this year!!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

London Town

 It had been so long that I'd started to view it with a small town state of mind, fearing the 'big smoke'. I'm so glad I've burst that illusion and London still hold magic for me and a definite sense of being home. We'll probably never move back but we will be day trippers a lot more and my children will grow up feeling familiar and at ease on its cobbled streets and dirty underground!

Spending tim falling into Turner's skies at the Tate... and being weirded out by a strange installation which featured the reincarnated voice of Cleopatra 'singing' a love song in 9 different languages simultaneously!

Ayla's less than impressed opinion of the Thames. 

All the while, Orion was off on a Harry Potter adventure...

and being whisked around the Christmasy sights of the city by black cab!

Friday, 1 December 2017


The 3 months mark was last week but I just haven't had the time to share these here. 

She's drooling like a 6 month old and chewing her hands and mine!

She babbles away to herself and anyone else who will talk to her... there is always at least two of us. 

She's happy on her front for a while but likes nothing more than being carried around, upright so she can see it all. Especially if you're eating because she is fascinated by food and clearly wants to share. She still hates the car and screams for most journeys, except when we're all singing her favourite red tent song...

The river is flowing,
flowing and going, 
the river is flowing
back to the sea.

Mother Earth carry me
your child I will always be, 
Mother Earth carry me
back to the sea.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Last of Our Trip


Sleeping babies...

and November fireworks.

Winter Wonderland

For so many reasons I have very few words at the moment so it hasn't felt right to be here but looking back over our photos there are still those I want to keep in this space. These are from our recent Centre Parcs trip.