Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Catching Up

Hi there just a quick hello and a few photos to catch up. Things have been busy, hard, high and low, but for now here are some of the highs...

Sometimes all it really takes is blue skies with fluffy white clouds, bike riding and selfie fun to turn a day around.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Summer Loving Babes

It's been a beautiful early summer this week and we've been outside as much as possible in-between classes etc. When you're days are full of daisy and dandelion chains, trying to make a dandelion horn,  ice lollies, and buckets and basins of water... what more do you need?

Friday, 4 May 2018


We have declared camping season open this week as we took a couple of days out to go on a Home Ed camp with 7 other families. 

The kids had an amazing time making new friends, playing all day and staying up late after waaayyy too many marshmallows. 

It was only for two nights and the weather was freezing the first night, so the second we escaped home to our beds only 15 minutes away at bedtime and were back again for breakfast the next morning. 

This is that moment you look at your baby and see a glimpse of the teen they are becoming all too fast. 

I organised an archery session for 15 of us which was so much fun, we're all trying to see how to fit it into our already full weekly schedules. 

There were lots of twilight bike rides, and looking out over this side of the forest, I was briefly reminded that I could have been anywhere with this view and to sometimes be satisfied with what is on my doorstep.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Luman's Letters and a Quick Catchup

So a quick catch up of the week gone by...

We had our next letter from Luman...

Which lead to my taking a walk down memory lane for some fun stories of my adventures with Grandma in Thailand, a documentary and learning how to write 'hello' in Thai. 

Gabe has been living in his den for much of the last month but he is back to his incredibly detailed drawings which make me very happy. 

This little woman is as cute as ever. 

She's another musical one and she's added my shamanic drum to her favourite 'toys' list, she's also an unstoppable dancer once music is played to her. 

Playing with Dad...

and revisiting bygone photos of Orion at the same age wandering around Los Angeles.

Can you see how cheeky she is?

And how much her siblings love her...

Our little Queen.