Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Catching Up

So how was your week? We're half way through January, and after fighting for a slow start back, our momentum is back to its usual hectic pace. I'm definitely feeling that pull between wanted to go with the season and hibernate, but also go with that calendar tradition of starting new projects and getting back out into the world. 

The certificates arrived for the Primary Maths Challenge the big two took part in, and they are both very proud of themselves. Orion has been taking mock 11+ exams also, and I think he's impressed himself with how much he knows. 

The two Yoga Teacher Training babies finally got to meet, and when both families have four it makes for a fun, wild and crazy tribe!!

There has been plenty of independent art work taking place using the watercolour sets they received for Christmas. The book we're using for this term's art course is working out really well also. This is not a picture of my children swearing at each other by the way, they are practicing doing timed pencil drawing of hands as an exercise in observation. 

The puppets have come back out, and Ayla is enjoying the shows as much as the puppets themselves.

A this little boy has won a super big brother award for creating an 'airplane' box for them, which she loves to play inside while he makes up all the fun adventures they go on. 

I'm not sure she was completely convinced the trampoline was a fun thing!

And Tom celebrated another year around the sun with the customary chocolate cake. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Sea

In the day to day flurry of activities, school work and general life I often forget to get us outside 'just for fun'. At the moment we're all still on and off with this year's cold but when the sun shines and the wind dies down being outside feels so good. Just as with the forest, the sea is only 5 minutes drive away, and it's something we intend to make the most of this year. 

My three boys.

The gnome mining for treasure.

The long winter shadows.

Maybe there's more than one meaning to getting 'winter sun'. 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Winter Walks

A couple of years ago we had a plan to visit each of the parking spots in the new forest, and go on a bit of a mission to discover some lesser known local gems. We never did get round to it, so this year we're renewing that and are committed to make the most of where we live. 

It's always hard to convince everyone to get outside (there is usually always one who thinks its too cold, too wet or they're too tired), but once we're there they are all happier for it. 

Especially Blackbird. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Farewell December

So, a final round up of the last month of 2017. 

Gabe started spending the whole day at forest school, going in the mornings by himself (a very big deal for our ultra shy boy), and definitely brave considering that equates to almost 6 hours outside in the cold and wet!

There were a lot of these moments, which melt my heart and stop me from getting anything done.

My girls... Ayla wearing the dress Thea bought for her back when we were hoping she was a girl but still didn't know for sure. 

This one... happy now she has control over her hands.

These two and their naps when Dad comes home from a show. 

My christmas puzzle helper...

and new team member for card games.

Building dens when you're full of cold. 

And very late gingerbread houses!

This girl taking her first roll on the day of her 4 month photos.

Playing with the same button tin and probably some of the same buttons I've been playing with since I was little... we'll call it crawling incentive. 

And these two and their chats. 

It's been an incredible year for me... yes the obvious... 2017 gave us our Blackbird. But it also saw me  become a qualified yoga teacher, and finish my reiki training, becoming a reiki master. There have been many many other achievements along the way for everyone in my house... their kickboxing belts, grades in gymnastics, performances and hurdles overcome. But all the unseen work also. All we have learnt about ourselves and others, and our place in the world at this time. I have some ideas of were 2018 will take us but I know for sure we will keep building, keep achieving, doing it all side by side, supporting, learning from and loving each other.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Big Day!

So now that we've reached New Year's Eve I'll share our Christmas Eve and Day. Eve's are my absolute favourite thing... all the potential, the possibility and excitement. Christmas Eve has the added beauty of magic, and for me it's genuinely the most magical night of the year. 

We actually managed to get them all to sleep relatively early this year after some movie snuggling.

The stockings were left out on the table as we'd had a fire and didn't want the fairies or Father Christmas to get burnt toes!

After sending them back to bed for an hour at 4, we relented and had stockings in the big bed. 

They were all so sweet with their little hand made special gifts for her, including plenty offers of unwrapping help, but she seemed happy to do it herself.

She especially liked her playmate with lollypop stick figures... might be put to one side for a year or two though. 

We scaled back the gifts a lot this year but it was such a beautiful thing to watch them open things they were genuinely excited and surprised by. My favourite thing was giving Gabe a Charlie Brown teddy to play with what was my snoopy, which currently resides in Gabe's bed.

Santa gave Ayla this super cute toy who she was enamoured with straight away. 

With team work we had a feast with no stress. 

And this little wonder had a very happy first Christmas.