Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Japanese Sweets & Ice Boxes

Something old and something new! New to us were these sweet making kits which we got from Japan. They're a bit obsessed with all things Japanese so they seemed like fun, and actually they were brilliant... no help required, no mess and the end product actually tasted good!

They first had to make coloured sugar, by making the primary colours and then mixing as much they wanted to create secondary etc. 

Then they had a 'special' powder which they put inside the moulds, and coloured with the dyes they had made. 

Leave them alone for a bit and some back to jelly sweets!

Because it is summer, we have of course been back to the ice boxes I always make for emergency cool done situations. This year as they all feel so much older, hiding inside the ice is a pound coin... enough ice boxes with then mean a walk to the toy shop so they can choose what they want. 

Ayla is so cute with new things to touch. She's very cautious and tentative. 

And naturally wants to see everyone's before her own!

We've had first steps this week. She does it when she doesn't realise and only one step before she goes back to speed crawling to get wherever she needs to go. So fast it all happens. 

Hopefully this video works for you. She loves her glasses, blowing kisses and her head nodding to say yes or dance is too sweet. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

A Slow Afternoon At The Stream

I think that stream days are my favourite summer afternoon outdoor activity. 
I do love the beach but with 4, none of whom are strong swimmers but yet have a fearlessness which puts stress on my old heart... the stream is infinitely safer!

 It's peaceful too, even when it's busy, the combination of breeze through trees and water moving are enough for me to forget the day to day and relax a little. It's quiet something to have this on your way home from a gymnastics class. 

This little one liked it a bit too much and did the obvious attempts to drink the water and eat all the stones...

They drive me absolutely crazy but I love them and our life is pretty amazing. 

Monday, 16 July 2018

Glastonbury Part 2

Glastonbury itself is such an important place for spiritual reasons, it felt so good to finally take the boys there. They have heard the legends and myths of Avalon for years. 

Aside from the obvious destinations, Thea's high point was finding this mural with people exactly like the ones she draws and uses as her specific style. I need to hunt down the artist!

I took them off the beaten tourist track to the lesser known sacred well of Bridgid, which felt like the right and proper pilgrimage after she's being so much a part of our home this year. They are looking forward to trying to make it to Kildare this summer.

Apart from being a beautiful picture of my 4 monsters, behind them is a newly planted orchard which is at the bottom of Bridgid's mound and is being tended to by the Friends of Bridgid. We wanted to take a picture now and then watch them grow together. 

The Chalice Well Garden is easily my favourite place in the town. Is it so peaceful there, I can't imagine a more perfect 'church'.

They all had a drink and a splash in the red spring waters, before heading across the road to the cave of the white spring.

 Orion 'proving' the magic of Avalon by creating Thea's doppelgänger.

And of course the real reason why we were there... my work with Miranda Gray and the Moon Mothers. It was such an honour to help with the training of a new international group of level 2 Moon Mothers, and to become part of the UK co-ordination team and take on the job of being in charge of the UK instagram presence. 

I love my work with the Moon Mothers, the womb healings and blessings are so powerful and transformative for women, and being able to mentor them through their menstrual cycle enables me to empower them to act as their own healers and guides. 

Saturday, 14 July 2018


Finally getting round to a quick round up of our Glastonbury adventures...

We stayed at another Haven caravan site as they are the cheapest and closest, but this definitely wasn't the nicest one we've stayed at. Having said that, the swimming pool was great and so were the play areas, and as always we were grateful for the tennis and basketball courts. 

She adores her Orion...

The only way I get to play...

Orion practicing his give me back my ball face...

The arcades are still a huge favourite...

And of course no trip to Haven would be complete without Thea taking part in the big show...