Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Boy Turned 11!

11 feels like a leap to me, like I turned around for a second and suddenly this boy of mine has grown up. It's partly because he's changed so much this year as a person... he's so much more responsible and considerate. He's been so helpful since Ayla's arrival and to be honest, most of the pregnancy too. I genuinely love have conversations with him, debating with him and watching the way his mind works, putting things together I wouldn't have and surpassing me in some areas. Proud doesn't begin to cover it. 

It was a hard one for gifts, that half way space between toys and useful things, but thanks to the grandparents he got a great balance of crafty, and electrical, and was elated with his watch and first mobile phone!

Apart from his cake (lemon drizzle, his favourite), he spent his afternoon making cupcakes. I love this picture... there is always one of us to the side 'holding the baby' until it's their turn. 

The afternoon was spent bouncing around with friends at a trampoline park! For a generation who all have trampolines in their gardens, a giant room with a trampoline floor, and walls and even giant air bags to jump into for an hour was the perfect destination. And definitely a mum's friend over the wet cold days of winter to come.

They even have trampoline dodgeball!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A Breath of Fresh Air

It's been a couple of weeks since Ayla's first wander in the forest, which of course she slept through, but now my abdomen is feeling stronger and we're finding our rhythm with all the classes I'm hoping I'll be able to fit in more walks before the weather turns.

I think everyone who has ever held a tiny baby remembers the feeling of their hand on your chest. So tiny but perfect, so warm and trusting... bliss.

I love how much of a gentleman my smallest boy is. He always walks beside me, even if I'm much slower than the big kids running off. So sweet and considerate, my BFG.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Art in September

We haven't been doing a huge amount, for obvious reasons, but what we have done I've really enjoyed. 

We've started a project on Africa and these beautiful sunset silhouettes are a part of our display. 

I saw this very random idea for creating art out of mushrooms by making spore prints. It sounds strange but they are actually very beautiful and the detail you can get is amazing. 

All you do is take out the stem and leave them on paper gill side down, with a drop of two of water on top of the cap, cover and leave undisturbed overnight, and tada you wake up to prints ready to turn into fun characters. I love Thea's lion looking one and Gabe's top hat character. 

We also did a bit of work on an artist study of Georgia O'Keefe. Thea loves 'big' art, so she was very attracted to Georgia's work and enjoyed going off the page, but Orion who only feels comfortable in small sizes was more drawn to the vivid colours of her work. 

I loved what he came up with. He doesn't normally head for the pastels so it was nice to see him working with them so well and there is something very beautiful to me about the colour spilling off the petals. 

Thea, Gabe and I, all chose to do different variations of the same thing and it's definitely wet their appetites for getting back into artist studies. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

What Falling In Love Looks Like

It's definitely true that many many hours can slip by in the company of a baby. Somehow just watching them, marvelling at their hands and feet, watching their ever changing facial expressions. 

We've all happily spent hours this way in this past 5 weeks, and we will happily continue to do so.

Gabe makes up 'games' for her which apparently she always wins.

Thea spends forever reading to her. 

This image is my constant companion... sleepy doting Dad and a snuggled up Ayla.

Now that her eye sight is better, she engages with us more and in a much more expressive deliberate way. Plus the smiles... oh the smiles that make being awake at 3.30am totally okay. 

And just because I actually got my sizing right... a little love for the hand knits!

(sorry I have a thing about baby feet!)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

3 Crafty Kids

So, other than snuggling Ayla and going to classes what have the other three been up to? They've been very lego obsessed after watching the Lego Masters series on television and are desperate to go to Denmark, but other than that it's been crafting as always.

We've been on a bit of a mission to use up all the crafty bits and bobs we already have, so the first project was to make our own stamp blocks using wooden blocks we had left over from something else, and foam sheets. 

They turned out really well and are now their official seals.

They've had a set of bolser wood since Christmas which we have never gotten round to using as I want it to be completely undirected. Their first idea for that was to draw on characters to cut out using the Stanley blade.

A good first try at getting used to handling the blade, which was probably more about me getting used to allowing them free reign with a very sharp blade more than anything else if I'm honest.

I was really impressed at these stands they came up with, to give their characters an element of being 3D. 

And I adore this character of Thea's. Most of her drawings at the moment are this style and I think they'd make great illustrations. 

Gabe being Gabe everything has to have a story not just a character. These are his heart family (mum & baby), and a teddy for the baby because this is them in bed, but you can take the blanket off!

Prompted by a group I'm a part of online, I gave them the challenge of inventing their own bug. They had to come up with a visual, habitat and as much information about them as possible. 

I loved Thea's Grumpy Bugoo with no natural known predators, especially that a group of them is a Grump.

Orion's lifesize drawing of his /flying Unirabbit Dragon Bug, commonly known as the FUD Bug, which eats snakes to get poison for it's horn and has been around since dinosaur times and has been rumoured to be a possible reason for their extinction.  

Gabe's UnaCandy Bug is as cute as it's creator, only eating candy which provides it with it's weapon... shooting rock hard candy out of it's horn when threatened!