Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Starting Chemistry

One of the things every home educator I know has too many of is subscriptions... there are just so many things that sound great, would be great, the kids would think are great etc, but we never seem to get round to them all no matter how hard we try. 

A subscription we've had for a few months but are only just now finding the time for is MEL Chemistry, it's expensive but actually pretty amazing. It's a bi weekly box containing everything you need to conduct 4 experiments on two separate themes. 

The first one we tried was the Tin Hedgehog or... 

Chemical formula

clearly it meets the kids where they are, Gabe at 6 thinks making a tin hedgehog is just cool, Thea is looking at the reaction, learning how to conduct experiments properly and understanding the language and terminology used, while Orion at 11 takes it further and is beginning to look at the chemical formulas. 

We began with this very small zinc pellet and covered it with a solution they had to mix themselves. 

Then sat and watched and waited for the reaction and the tin crystals to form and grow. 

We thought it looked like a sea monster after a while.

The microscope lens for my phone was a very cool gift as part of the starter kit, a long with a virtual reality headset so they can look at 3D models of the molecules involved in each experiment. 

And this is what we were left with, plus many many questions and ideas about attempting to grow crystals from other types of metal. Definitely one for when dad is home to take care of Ayla but fascinating and a lot of fun. 

Saturday, 10 March 2018


They waited years (literally) for a decent snowfall, and finally...

those cheeks!!!

I love that they waited until Dad got home for the snowball fight. 

Exhausting freezing cold fun, and all gone in three days, a perfect long weekend to end the winter season.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Gabriel's World

While things started well the week before the snow, with cake brought home from Brownies and Orion up to his usual cheeky mischief...

the big two came down with colds and quickly went from playful family yoga...

to passed out asleep kids and mum running from one to the other while Dad was far away...

But what happens to Gabe when the others are all AWOL... well we tend to get crafty.

he still loves Frozen so out came the cotton wool sheets.

Ayla ended up in the bucket for containment as her crawling is just way too fast!

Next he and I made a very special dream catcher to hang over his bed after reading this beautiful story.

And when I Ayla decided my attention belonged to her, he was off to the conservatory to excavate some dinosaur bones...

and make a crazy mess!

But for the better part of four days these two giggled together and made me wonder at the capacity of the human heart to love... it really is limitless.