Saturday, 11 August 2018

A Quick Catch Up!

I know it's a silly picture but I love it, it perfectly describes this crazy girl's personality climbing up on the conservatory sofa just to play at the window. 

She's still crazy about books and 'reading', and luckily she's actually quite gentle and doesn't rip the pages. 

Waiting for the mothers and daughters to arrive at the last Heroines Club. 

There were 4 in the bed... funny how this huge bed looks so small...

She has discovered crayons and drawing... well no, we've finally given her paper and taken lids off. She 'made' Gabe a card for his birthday as her first ever drawing. 

We had a lovely visit from Grandma Julie and took a blustery walk down to the beach together.

There's been lots of hammock time in the sunshine...

and ice lolly making.

Lots more drawing and writing...

The fimo clay has come out again for some modelling.

 And these two just get sillier every day...

She still loves her garden and sitting in the hammock watching the birds.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Gabe turns 7!

My Lionheart turned 7! 
It seems equal parts too soon and surprisingly younger than he feels. He is my generous sweet spirited boy, and my crazy wild thing. He is my dinner date, my foodie and the ultimate gentleman in all the ways that matter. 

I love that I needed to find him a 'real' parasol. 

The days are long but the years really are short. They drive me bonkers and amaze me daily. 

We kept the party small, and went with all our favourite activities... cupcake decorating, loom band pokemon bracelets... 

Ice boxes with Pokemon figures needing to be melted free to help keep the kids cool on another scorching hot day.

Pass the parcel and a piƱata, also both filled with Pokemon goodies... are you seeing the theme!

And why settle for candles when you can have fireworks!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Lego Brick Adventures!

Last week as an early birthday trip for Gabe, we went to the Lego Brick Adventure Exhibition in Bournemouth. The day was scorching and with the lure of the beach right outside, there were much less people than expected. It was perfect!!!

The exhibition was split into two areas... mythical creatures and the animal kingdom, no prizes for guessing where they all wanted to go first.

The work was amazing and really inspiring. 

Orion and I both wanted to take these home, use super glue and wear them!

There was a giant group build of a mosaic which we just had to take part in. I got a little too into it and I think I've found yet another job I would love... give me instructions and I'm in heaven, I could happy have done the tiles all day. 

Thea and Orion helped to build the columns for this installation. 

These colour coded pits were everywhere and gave these guys too many ideas about buying crazy amounts of bricks to duplicate this at home... not so great with a toddler, though to be fair she didn't try to eat many pieces!

Nevermind the scary tiger... how unbelievably cute is this girl!!

She got a little obsessed with this car.

and the speed boat... hopefully not an indicator of future hobbies!

Then the big duplo building got started, and we lost half the family...

Thea and I pulled Orion away for a few more tiles to be completed and added to the mosaic. 

And some serious fun was had at the Robot Wars Game Challenge... lego robots who you remote control to 'kill' your opponents by pushing them into a trap door...

First Orion who did not win and then Thea...

who did!

And then the showdown... sibling versus sibling. They joined forces to take down the opposition and then focused on each other...

things got tense...

and although Orion won it ended well. 

The mosaic was only half way finished by the time we left as the exhibition was continuing for another two days. 

As a last treat, Gabe, Thea and myself got to play in the columns which they had helped build earlier in the day. 

All in all, a great and fun day.