Monday, 12 November 2018

Climbing Walls, Arts Awards & Yoga

One of the activities we do as part of the Monday Meetups I organise is wall climbing. Its been a while since they did this regularly and Gabe has been asking for it for a while. He really enjoys the challenge and its daunted at all by the heights.

Neither are the other two to be honest. 

They have also been finishing off their second Arts Award which we will complete in Venice later this year as we learn about art institutions at the Guggenheim.  

The first main project for this one was using clay, and following their Japanese obsession, they wanted to make miniature food and sushi... 

I loved the detail of the rice on Orion's. The mistake with the smudge turned into a dash of soy sauce!

We're still doing a monthly yoga photoshoot thanks to my monthly yoga article. This month Ayla decided she just had to join in... 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Primary Proms

It's only when I do these blogs that I become aware of just how full the last two months have been! 

Anyway... a month ago today was the Primary Proms in London's Royal Albert Hall. It is a children's version of the Classical Proms with performances from the national award winners of every type of classical music you can imagine, from choirs and steel bands, to string ensembles and wind orchestras. The tickets are free but you have to enter a ballot to get them. This year I remembered to enter in time and we were given a box!

After a long drive into town, there was time to get lunch and then stretch our legs in Hyde Park before the performance. 

Feeling very pleased with ourselves with our extremely posh box... have to say, we couldn't have had a better view, nor a better way to keep Ayla penned in but able to wander about to her heart's content. 

It really was spectacular and what an amazing introduction to the Albert Hall for these kids of mine. They'll be expecting a box from now on!

Afterward we met up with Grandma Julie and headed over to the Princess Diana playground. 

I wish we had photos of Orion here when he was tiny with Grandma Julie and Dad... not so tiny any more, but just as crazy...

It was a lovely day out. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Orion Turns 12!

I still find it hard to understand time... 12 years... 12!!! A lifetime and yet the blink of an eye.

The treasure hunt for birthday presents to greet him waaaayyyy too early in the morning. 

The unwrapping while Ayla added extra messages to most of the cards.

As we'd already been to Legoland, he opted for a quiet chilled out day at home with a homemade Japanese feast for lunch. 

There was sushi, spring rolls, salt & chilli squid, gyoza, sunomono salad and fortune cookies. 

And for his cake, he wanted to make his own lemon drizzle cake, so for the first time all I needed to do was show him how to make zest!

Their birthday phone kidnap selfie. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Legoland Trip

Back when we lived in London and just after we left, it became an annual tradition to go to Legoland around Orion's birthday. We haven't done it for years and I'm so glad we've finally gotten back to it. The home educator rate is a third of the standard cost for children and half of the normal for adults! It's not surprising you now have to prove you home ed to get the discount, as so many where just taking the day off school to make the most of the cheaper rates. 

Always time for art... even if its lego art...

Hanging out with Ayla meant time to take fun photos and avoid getting wet!

As usual this was their favourite ride which they did again and again and...

more getting wet...

The shoot em games are easily my favourite. 

And no trip would be complete without a few rounds of driving school.