Saturday, 18 November 2017

Needing a Break

10 weeks after having a baby and with the whirlwind that is our normal, we were desperately in need of a break and very grateful for the foresight that made be book a break to Centre Parcs back when I was only 4 months pregnant. It is expensive but its easily one of my favourite places to escape to in the UK... really comfortable living space, no cars so a feeling of closed in safety for the children to ride their bikes, peace and quiet even though there are so many people, as many activities as you'd want, swimming for free as much the kids can convince us to go, and good food. 

From the play areas, to walking around the lake, the place is beautiful and it gave me a chance to really soak up the autumn sun and go a slower for a week. 

Ayla and I finally got back in a bath. For most people not a highlight of a holiday but the kids had two a day everyday we were there, and it's definitely one of the things we miss the most in this house and has me wishing we could go back in January. 

We could only borrow a bike rack for 2, so Gabe spend a lot of time on his scooter, but having someone to stay relatively at my pace was nice, especially with his constant jabber.

A little friend was made. 

Fires and movies were watched with plenty of treats and hot chocolate. 

And most of all time slowed down enough for connection. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Halloween Part 2

I never did get round to posting part 2 did I? Although it was two weeks ago I have to do it, but I'll catch up with everything else over the weekend!

So... the second part of our Halloween was a mini party in the woods. We usually have a party at home but i thought this would share the 'work' with everyone else, meaning I didn't have to prepare all the food and there was no cleaning up to do afterwards. It worked!

We had silly races...

Pass the pumpkin without hands (actually an orange)...

apple bobbing...

and the firm favourite, toilet paper mummies!

And not Halloween would be right without donuts on a string. 

I had to add these perfect pumpkin pictures of our little Ayla just because she's too cute!!!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Halloween Part 1

With a family agreement to not have a party at home this year, I had mental space to see what was on offer locally and we went to a haunted evening at Highcliffe Castle. It was so cheap and so much fun, but a lot more fun and games than haunted (much more our style)!

Each room held a different game or activity, from feed the pumpkin (throw a ball into the pumpkin's mouth), and badminton over a spiders web, to pumpkin bowling... all with appropriate musical soundtrack to dance to! 

Gabe stayed in character (vampire bat) the entire time other than while dancing with a fellow vamp. 

Dressing up at Highcliffe is always fun, but Thea definitely got very into it this time. 

She would quite happily have Dia de los Muertos makeup permanently I think, and desperately wants to celebrate one year in Mexico.

This weird but cute couple... I'm very glad they couldn't find a doll for the basket... too freaky. 

Downstairs was an interactive session with Mick's Owls, a company who rescue various breeds of owls and educate people about them. Of course we never pass up anything owl in this family, and the kids all loved being able to hold and pet this little guy. 

We stayed a long while and actually learnt quite a bit. I'm planning on a home ed session with them once I sort out a hall next spring. 

After all that it was back upstair for a craft activity before heading home for hot chocolate and stories.