Monday, 10 July 2017

Art, Achievements and Outings

We finally finished our year long art course just in time for the summer break, and we also fit in a Hokusai printing activity this week as the last preparation for the exhibition. 

It was interesting how they dealt with layering the colours, I'd definitely like to do this again with proper inks even if they do take an age to dry.

We visited the Reptile Centre with friends last weekend, now that the sun is out so are the snakes!

Can you see the frog?

Naturally the antler were a source of great amusement before disappearing off to play in the woods.

Because the heat has been ramped up again, I've been feeling very tired and slow, which makes it the perfect time to start up this summer's ice boxes... this time the theme was free the shopkins.

I just had to include this flying crazy boy.

The big achievement for this week was their first grading at Kickboxing class. All three were being tested and thankfully all three passed. 

I think my Dad would have loved to watch them do this. Thea has all the power of his punch, while Orion is focused on speed, Gabe just has fun, and I sit on the sidelines wishing I could join in!

Needless to say three very proud little white belts.

Thea and I went away for two days to Glastonbury as a girl's only trip to make up for her not going away with the Brownies next month, and to make the most of our time left before our littlest girl joins us. 

We took my bump buddy from Yoga Teacher Training with us and her daughter who Thea gets on really well with. 

It was really special to share time with the girls in these sacred Goddess places and introduce her to this aspect in a tangible way for a change. My poor boys were a little put out but I'm sure I'll take them all soon enough. 

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