Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Its Finally Summer!

According to our schedule, it's finally the summer holidays and we're a lot freer than normal, however, the grey skies aren't really in agreement. I have to say though, with only a few short weeks to go I'm more than grateful for the cooler weather!!

Its been two weeks since I've checked in and as usual we've been busy, here are the highlights...

I took the 3 to a private gong bath with the amazing Lara. It was fascinating to watch their reactions to the actual sounds of the gongs as well as all the other instruments she played. They loved trying them all out and learning a bit about how it all works in terms of the energetic healing. 

Gage's gotten a bit addicted to these little water balloon bombs, but thankfully the two boys give as good as they get and don't get too cross with each other!

Thea made this impressive throne/arm chair for her dolls at forest school. 

The art highlights were... 

Orion's desert magic landscape, which was extra special because he sat down without a plan and just let it unfold... something very difficult for him. 

I loved this drawing of Thea's... these little pop up in most of her drawing but I thought the sentiment of mending a broken heart was lovely. 

Gabe has gotten lost in the happy process of playing with watercolours while listening to music, and depending on what he's listening to they can end up quite crazy looking. 

These pieces were from our final pottery session of the year a while back. 

And being summer (if a very autumnal one) the bucket list is out which means a trip to the PYO for berries. 

There has of course been a lot of preparing of a different kind for me, and my littlest boy has spent a lot of time with me and bump chatting away to her while she taps him on the head. He's so excited for her to finally be here. 

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