Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Colourfest Part Two

I had intended to post this days ago but hey better late than never, and honestly, it's nice for me to remember that Colourfest wasn't the months ago it feels. 

So here are the rest of the photos and most of the activities we took part in. 

 A firm family favourite were the drumming sessions, which the little lady either grabbed a shaker or wandered off for a dance. 

There was nettle rope making, which lead to nettle bracelets.

Plasticine figures for the fairy area. 

An art installation entitled 'forgiveness' where you painted with water as a release and then watched it fade away and disappear. 

Another favourite and a new friend made, was a Japanese woman artist called Minako who taught them some new origami skills...

and Sumi-e ink painting, which I fell in love with... 

They enjoyed a guided meditation to meet and connect with their animal guides. 

A tie-dye workshop.


a design a bear competition...

and a workshop to use flowers to create art...

Once collected and placed on fabric, they used hammers and mallets to pound the dye out of the petals & leaves and onto the cotton to create a unique print


Along side all of this was the circus skills, the bubble madness, the swimming pool, rope swings, live music and just playing with old and new friends. 

It's easy to see why they loved it so much and can't wait for next year!

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